ID3 Color Codes

August 8, 2020

The VW 1D3 1st edition comes in a limited number of colors. The color codes and paint codes are shown below.

Color Option Paint Code Name Sample
C2A1 A7C Moonstone Grey moonstone-grey
5VA1 B7R Metallic manganese grey mangan-grey
P8A1 C3J Metallic kings red kings-red
0ZA1 C6L Metallic Makena-turquoise makena-turquoise
5YA1 D5H Metallic stonewashed blue stonewashed-blue
2YA1 S8R Metallic Glacier white glacier-white
1TA1 Y1C Metallic Scale silver ??

The ID3 1st edition only comes in the following colors:

  • Moonstone Grey
  • Metallic manganese Grey
  • Metallic makena-turquoise
  • Metallic glacier white

In addition to the 1st eddition, the series eddition also contains the following additional colors:

  • Metallic stonewashed blue
  • Metallic scale silver

The odd color out is Metalic kings red. This color has not been officially launched but is available as a paint code for the ID3 in the system. While this may be a mistake, I would hope that there is a special edition of the ID3 this is earmarked for, perhaps a more sporty ID3 R :-).

In addition to the main colors, so far it looks like all ID series cars will have a black roof and spoiler. The paint code for the black roof is as follows:

Color Option Paint Code Name
C2A1 041 Black


Disclaimer: The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and is provided purely for informational purposes and comes as is. No garantee is provided to the accuracy of the information. If I have got something wrong just leave a comment and I will update the information.

mwi lives in Oslo Norway and enjoys a bit of DIY and woodwork on the side, but most of the time he is taking things apart and and tinkering 🤖. He with his ID3 1st!